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Archery Became Life


So what do I mean when I say archery became life? Sounds kinda insane right? But its the truth, when I think about what archery has done for me.I started shooting archery a few years ago after I retired from the military. As some people may know, once you retire from the military you have to stay active and keep your mind occupied or else you will start to go a little insane.

While I was in the army, I was on a set schedule. I knew exactly what I was doing everyday and I really didn’t have to stress over how anything was getting paid. So once I got out the military, it was a little difficult for me. No longer did I have that comradery around me everyday and a set schedule. Now it was up to me to keep myself motivated and figure out what to do everyday. This became pretty tough for me.

Around the time I was trying to settle in and get used to retirement, I got really deep into the movie “The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games – Photo Credit (The Daily Beast)


After watching each of the Hunger Games movies, I just knew I could be the best female archer. I mean if Jennifer Lawerence could learn archery and be a badass, why cant I lol. So it started from there.


It’s Not as Easy as it Looks!

Archery Brusises

Still Worth It 🙂


I like to be honest with my readers. So I am going to let you know right away, archery is not as easy as it looks. Do you see that lovely bruise on my arm? That’s from a not so good day at shooting archery. I was wearing my arm guard to protect my arm, to keep this from happening….But somedays are not so good and when I sacrifice my form because I am tired or not paying proper attention, the bow string whips me back into shape lol.

But don’t worry friends, this does not happen all the time. Trust me, once it hits your arm once, twice and three times in a row, you figure out quickly what you need to correct.

Iv’e noticed that when it comes to archery, it involves a lot more than just picking up a bow and taking aim. It takes focus, concentration, trust in your process, and consistent proper form over and over again. Once you understand archery is just as mental as it is physical, then you will come to love archery as much as I do.


Female Archer


Archery Coaches and Teams


It helps when you have someone who can teach you the basics and train you. I was fortunate enough to come across a organization named Blaze Sports . They offer an adaptive sports veteran archery program. I came across their program while searching online and I contacted them immediately. I’m so glad I did. From the time I have been with Blaze Sports and getting training from my coaches Errol, Chris, and Shantelle I know soon I will be the best veteran female recurve archer in the world. Yes, when I go after something, I think big. They might even bring back the Hunger Games, for me to costar with Jennifer Lawerence lol.


Archery Life

Archery is Life

Main Key Point to Keep in Mind

Archery is about training consistently to really perfect your aim and form. It is so much more than picking up a bow and taking aim. Your mind must be clear and focused and you have to learn to not focus so much on any missed shots. But just focus on what you can do next time to hit a tighter shot group and hit the middle 😉


I hope you enjoyed this read today my dear friends. Share this post with others. Have you ever shot a bow and arrow before? Comment below on your experiences.


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Its Okay to Smile

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