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Kymatica Full Length Movie –

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The term Kymatica or cymatics in Portuguese was coined by Swiss scientist Hans Jenny. Derives from the Greek kyma ( κύμα ) , meaning ” wave ” and ta kymatika ( κυματικά τα ) , meaning ” matters pertaining to waves “. Kymatica is the sequel to Ben Stewart’s Esoteric Agenda.


Today I am switching it up a little bit for you my dear readers. I was introduced to the movie Kymatica. This is a movie that my metaphysical beings and truth seekers will enjoy. After watching this movie, it reconfirmed and opened my eyes wider. Today you get to watch it for yourself so you can hear and see somethings, which will have you rethinking situations and realizing that you hold the power.



Comment below and let me know which part of the movie resonated with you.




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