About Me


If you landed here on my blog page, then you are here because of one of three reasons.

Reason #1 You were randomly searching online for a pretty, cool, talented and Awesome person and google bought you here 😉


Reason #2 You already know how awesome I am, but you wanted to learn a little more about me and how I really think about life.


Reason #3 You heard about my various cool hobbies and wonderful products I purchase from local businesses all the time, so you wanted to read some of my reviews on them.


Reason #4 You follow me online and have seen all the wonderful things I do in life and noticed that I was able to retire at the age of 31. So you came to find out how I am so successful and how do I stay sane through everything 🙂


Whichever reason you were sent to my blog, I am grateful you are here. So let’s start with the basics about who I am…..


Well for those of you that know me, you know I am not much of a talker but I am a pretty cool person to have in your circle.


I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I was able to retire from the military at a early age due to Breast Cancer.


After being diagnosed with cancer, it really changed my entire outlook on life.


I am currently cancer free and now I get to do as I please every day of my life and take full advantage of this second life I was given.


Not to sound weird, but it wasn’t until after I beat cancer, that I really saw this life for what it is and became a different person. It was like my eyes were opened for the first time. I started stepping outside the box and started enjoying my natural talents given to me.


But enough about that stuff, you will learn more about me as I start to create my daily blog posts and share more information later on…..

Breast Cancer Survivor

Why I Chose to Start A Blog


So why did I decide to start this blog? Well because I know that a lot of what is on my mind, others share the same thoughts also. I figured this would be a way for me to get in contact with other beings on the same or similar path. And a way for me to share information on the different situations, personal development, health tips, workout motivation, books,products, videos, movies and much more.


Also, I enjoy writing and teaching, when it comes to situations I am really interested in, so a blog is the perfect outlet for this :-).


I might start a youtube channel as well for my readers who are more auditory learners and just want to see my awesomeness in action, instead of just reading about it. I will share the channel information here when it is ready. -> Click here to Subscribe to my new YouTube Channel <-

Drinking Coconut Water

What to Expect

hmmm….What can you expect from continuing to come back to my blog page? Do I really have to tell you friend?


You can expect pure awesomeness each time I share a post with you. I will be completely honest with you when it comes to my reviews on products and places. I will provide valid and reliable recommendations when it comes to books, stores, mentors,etc.


Each and every time you visit my page, I want you to have a smile on your face, once your’e done reading a page and to keep coming back for more of my awesomeness.

Next Steps…

Just grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy my posts over the next few days my friend. I am glad you are here.

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