PowerPoint is very powerful software that can be used for so much more than most people use it for. This is especially true if you use Office 365. Office 365 provides the ability to save all your PowerPoint slides as MP4 files so that you can upload them as video. You can also use a combination of PowerPoint and Camtasia to make your videos. But, why not make it super-simple?

* Plan Your Video Out – You will want to plan out each slide along with the transitions so that when it’s all created it looks flawless. If you jump straight to creating the video, you may miss an important point that you want to make. First, create a storyboard to plan it out with the script for each slide written below it. Then you can use that guide as you find the images you want to use for the video.

* Use High-Quality Images – When you plan to turn your slides into video, it’s imperative to use high-quality images so that they save still looking sharp and professional. You can get high-quality images by taking them yourself or by downloading them from a stock photo website. The higher quality the images, the better and more professional it will look. You can choose whether you’re going to use cartoons, real people, or animations.

* Brand Your Video – When you create the video, don’t forget your branding. You will want to include your branding so that no matter how the video is shared, people will know where it came from and how to find you.

* Get a Template – PresenterMedia.com and Envato.com have some amazing animated PowerPoint templates that you can use to create your videos. They have animated backgrounds, 3D clipart, and more to purchase, which can make all the difference in your finished product.

* Collect Sounds – Purchase sounds to use in your videos. Having some background music even if you’re talking is a good way to make the video more professional. Think about how it sounds when you watch a TV commercial. There isn’t just silence and talking. There is also music in the background. Make sure you buy royalty free music that is legal for you to use.

* Record – Once your slide presentation is done, all your transitions picked, the sounds uploaded, and you’re sure it’s all right, you can simply click “record” at the top of the screen. This will run through the entire presentation and record it as a video and then save it as an MP4. 

* Upload – Now that it’s recorded, you can watch it to make sure everything is right. Consider letting a limited audience see it before you start using it so that you can get a second opinion about the colors, fonts, sounds and more. Plus, check for errors. Then go for it. Start using it to market on social media, your website, YouTube and anywhere you like. 

It really is that simple to make a video using PowerPoint. You just need the latest version to ensure that it works right. Consider signing up for MS Office 365 to get the most up-to-date version with the most template options available. 

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Thanks For Reading! Be on the look out for the final part of my 10 Day Video Marketing Series.


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