If you really want to get serious about video marketing, you might want to consider hiring a video marketing mentor or a coach. A mentor can help you in so many ways to get started and keep going, while avoiding the pitfalls that other people experience when trying to get involved with video marketing. 

Learn about the Best Technologies

A person who makes it their life to learn about video marketing, including all the tools and tricks of the trade, will know about all the best technologies – including what to avoid. They’ll also be aware of all the research and know what type of videos work best for your audience, because they’ve studied the topic extensively and it’s their job to know.

Have Someone Check Your Work

A marketing mentor can look at your work and tell you what to change without worrying about your feelings as much as a friend or family member will. As someone who is shy, this may be hard for you. However, if you explain to the mentor your needs, they’ll accommodate you so that you reach your goals in the best possible way that takes your shyness into consideration. 

They Know Who to Hire

If you want to outsource, a good mentor will likely know several people who do this work professionally. That way, you don’t have to search for the right people yourself. This is the best way to cut through any problems.

They Have Connections to Other Professional Contractors

In addition to knowing who to hire, they have a lot of connections to other types of business people that you can hire – such as spokespeople and others who can help you make your video marketing that much more professional. 

They Can Challenge and Encourage You

If you’re scared of making marketing videos, a video marketing mentor can encourage you and give you a direction to go in. Sometimes people are simply afraid that they will be judged for the result of their video. They feel nervous about being out in public in that way, but a mentor can help give you honest critique to help you get over that hump. 

You’ll Be More Likely to Keep It Up

Many people do amazing things with just a little friendly accountability. Having someone who is checking in on you is a good way to ensure that you stick to your goals that you set for yourself regarding video marketing. If you’re shy, you may look for excuses not to do what you said you’d do, but a mentor can cut through all that.

You’ll Experience Success Faster

Because you’ll have someone checking in with you and someone to report to, you may reach your goals and experience success faster because you won’t want to disappoint your mentor. It may seem silly because you’re an adult, but most of us like to be good students and do well with that form of accountability. 

Hiring a mentor or finding a mentor in a group that wants to help you can make all the difference in your ability to experience video marketing success as a shy person. Being shy doesn’t mean you cannot overcome it to become a successful video marketer. It just means you may need a little extra encouragement to get things done that scare you.

You’re not Alone

So I feel a little bad just stopping with this 10 Day series, so I’m going to help you more. Besides my mission is to make sure you succeed even if you’re a shy marketer like me.

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